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Quality resources selected by educators to empower learners.

WebLinks Online

Thousands of reliable curriculum based web sites to place on your school intranet

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LinksPlus MARC

Website records in MARC format files that can be loaded into a library catalogue.

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Checked by our staff for suitability


Checked for relevancy to curriculum


Checked for accurate factual content


Checked for good technical and visual design

LinksPlus is a collection of educational website and fiction directories for 5 to 19 year olds. It is designed to guide research and save time for students, teachers and librarians.

The directories are available as online databases and library catalogue files.

Posters and book resources available for libraries. Search in iTunes for our new app.

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We have partnerships with a number of leading school library catalogue suppliers such as MLS, Softlink, Access-It, Concord, Functional Solutions and OCLC.

Free research service

A teachers' web research service is provided free as part of each subscription. Take advantage of our service. Download and complete the proforma and send topics so that we can search for appropriate sites. Right click here and then choose "save".

WebLinks Research Poster

In Adobe Acrobat format for display near computers or in classrooms. Feel free to print copies to promote research and the use of our service. For the student poster click here and for the staff poster click here.

Latest News


New Poster set: No Planet B posters and quiz

We have added a new product to our posters lineup ($71.50 inc GST).  Climate Change is the greatest challenge facing....

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New LinksPlus-WebLinks Chrome extension

WebLinks Research is proud to announce the release of the beta version of our Chrome Browser extension for WebLinks and....

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See our Posters

 "Your posters are so useful.They save me a huge amount of time, and allow us to keep our displays fresh.I recommended the....

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New poster set: 'Thought for the week.' Posters - $71.50 incl. GST/PDF set

 A new set of 50 print-your-own pdf posters to inspire assemblies and to provide a thought for the week.Inspire your....

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New Book: 'Literature to support the Australian curriculum Book 2' by Fran Knight & Pat Pledger

 Our latest book:    Literature to support the Australian curriculum Book 2 by Fran Knight & Pat PledgerPledger Consulting, 2017. ISBN 9781876678531.Contact admin@pledgerconsulting.com....

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New Smoking Posters for 2017 - $22 incl. GST / PDF set

 Make students aware with this set of hard-hitting posters.12 print-your-own pdf postersCovers:• The menace to smokers’ health• Passive smoking• The....

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New Book: Literature to support the Science curriculum - Foundation - 7

 Literature to support the Science curriculum - Foundation - 7 [E-Book] By Fran Knight and Pat Pledger, 2016. Pbk. ISBN 9781876678470Price $33 (incl. P&....

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New Book: 'Fiction gems'

 LinksPlus has produced a new book for Teacher Librarians, Librarians and Teachers.Fiction gems contains recommended subject lists of fiction books sorted by....

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Revised: Easy library displays to promote reading - Books 1 and 2

 Our publication 'Easy library displays to promote reading' has been recently revised and updated. It contains a yearly calendar of....

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Congratulations to Virgilio G. Medina Jr. Brighton College, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates for his project:  Libraries for Labour Camps.The award is....

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New Books: 'Best Books for Primary Book2' and 'Best Books for Secondary Book2'

 ReadPlus has produced two books for Teacher Librarians, Librarians and Teachers.The books have annotated lists of recent books recommended by ReadPlus....

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